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Renew Science of Attraction On Demand Workshop

Dating doesn’t need to be such a drag — and when you learn the psychology behind attraction, you can become skilled at it.

Yes, dating is a skill. And like any skill, you need to learn the techniques first so you can become good at it. And guess what? You can hack attraction. You can get good at it and start getting the results you desire. 

Some key facts:

  • It takes but 1 second for a human body to detect someone they find physically attractive
  • It's not the most beautiful person in a room that gets approached the most —  it's the one perceived as 'available'
  • People are more likely to approach you if they think you'll be receptive to them and that you won't reject them

This latest workshop is set to take you beyond the pages of my book — and into a new chapter of your journey of liberating your sexual empowerment.

If you want to unravel the hidden chemistry of attraction, join me and sex educator Devi Maisha a special workshop on Sex and the Science of Attraction. 

Hack attraction. Cultivate your sensual energy. Unlock your erotic power.

This workshop is in 3 sessions:

  • Part 1 - Hacking Attraction
  • Part 2 - Seducing the Orgasm
  • Part 3 - Q & A